RDE release game changing B2B table

09 February 2016

After 1 year of R&D and many tests we finally launch game changing Deejay B2B table. This system is a universal solution for all event organizers who want to easily and quickly change DJ riders and place them in the center of the DJ booth. 

The DeeJay B2B Table has got two sliding platforms (standard rider size 2x1m and 1x1m), placed on special rails, which allows you to prepare a DJ setup for the next artist during the performance of the previous one. At the end of the show, you can slide the central platform to the left side of the DJ booth and put the next platform in the center of the stage ready for the next artist.

You can choose table size and type from wide variety of options perfectly fitted to your show and size of the stage. First you decide the length of the table. You can choose system length between 6 m up to 10 m by adding modular 2m rail elements (with flex system every 1m).

4 steps to order