About us


A young and aspiring Warsaw based DJ and promoter asked one of the guest DJs about additional equipment they might need. It was quickly apparent there was one area that drove everyone mad. The lack of professional and reliable DJ and live performance equipment support. Fulfilling complex technical riders for artists involved tedious work leading to stress and worse, errors. These problems inspired him to create a solution for the fast-growing industry and RDE was born.

Fueled by passion for music and DJing with solid industry background and experience RDE has grown enormously since its founding going from local clubs and events to Europe’s best festivals and Ibiza’s most iconic clubs delivering the latest in DJ equipment rental, custom DJ solutions, logistics and professional on-site technical support.

Working with a very talented group of promoters from Germany made more people aware of the brand and its standards leading to cooperation with a Dutch partner in 2018, opening of RDE Europe office and warehouse in Nachtlab office Amsterdam.

Constantly adapting to rapidly growing festival market size in Europe and with a younger brother joining the team, RDE became a family business and soon a leading brand in its field in Central Europe.


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